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KERERU クラフトビール ケレルブリューイング KERERU brewing ニュージーランドクラフトビール グルテンフリービール


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A delightful, aromatic gluten-free American Pale Ale. Made with sorghum, millet, rice, and a mix of US and NZ hops. Apex Hoppy Gluten-Free APA is clean, amber in colour and layered with malty, biscuit flavours and medium body.

Serve at 5~8℃

*****Food matching*****

Cheese: cheddar

Mains: BBQ, Thai or Indian curry dishes, meat pies

Dessert: dark chocolate, brownies, stone fruits, peach cobbler

Brewer's Notes

The sorghum and rice malt in Apex is nicely layered with malted millet and American hops. Our goal was to make a GF APA with character to set it apart from Auro and that is both carefully and specially brewed for coeliacs.

5.8% ABV


Best before 2022.3

INGREDIENTS : Water, Sorghum, Millet, Rice, Hops, Yeast.