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KERERU クラフトビール ケレルブリューイング KERERU brewing ニュージーランドクラフトビール for great justice coconut porter フォーグレイトジャスティスココナッツポーター


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 2018 GOLD / Brewers guild of New Zealand Awards Flavoured

For Great Justice is a delicious, smooth brown porter made with all NZ malt and hops. Biscuit, brown, and chocolate malts meld beautifully with freshly toasted coconut. Serve cool but not chilled to allow the coconut to shine through.

The bird on the label is New Zealand’s Kororā (or Little Blue Penguin).

Serve at 8~10℃

*****Food matching*****

Cheese: brie, sweet blue, camembert

Mains: red meats: roast beef, steak, burgers, chili, hangi, jerk marinades, BBQ, Thai fish cakes

Dessert: brownie, lime, banana, coconut, ANZAC biscuits

Brewer's Notes

This brown porter infused with toasted coconut was originally brewed for our friend, the Great Justina. It's frequently purchased by case-winning lawyers and superheroes.

4.5% ABV


Best before 2022.6

INGREDIENTS : Water, NZ Barley, NZ Hops, Coconut, Golden Syrup, Yeast.