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KERERU クラフトビール ケレルブリューイング KERERU brewing ニュージーランドクラフトビール manuka sahti


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2019 GOLD / Brewers guild New Zealand 

A ‘sahti’ is a Finnish-style, tree-flavoured farm ale, traditionally made with juniper boughs. Our Manuka Sahti is a New Zealand version of a sahti, made using manuka leaf added at the boil. The flavors are subtle, refreshing and satisfying. Floral notes of orange blossom come from the manuka, and a juicy mouth-feel from the use of rye malt. The clean finish makes this a great beer to serve with rich and savory dishes.

The bug on the label is New Zealand’s Manuka Chafer Beetle, commonly found on manuka trees.

Serve at 8~10℃

*****Food matching*****

Cheese: Gouda, emmentall, double Gloucester.

Mains: Pork fried rice, ribs, roast chicken dinner, wood-charred and grilled vegetables.

Dessert: Trifle, old world chocolate spice cake, lemon pudding.

Brewer's Notes

Crystal rye malt and manuka leaf make this beer come to life. Refreshing and dry, the perfect beer to accompany a lovely dinner of sticky BBQ ribs. Yum!

6.0% ABV


Best before 2022.5

INGREDIENTS : Water, NZ Barley, NZ Rye , NZ Wheat, NZ Hops, NZ Manuka Leaf, Yeast.